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Monthly Spotlight on Star Players

Know a star player who exemplifies great sportmanship, passion, and love of the game? Go to CONTACT and send a message as to why she/he deserves to be recognized in "Spotlight on Players". Make sure to include a photo of your star player, her/his name, hometown, team name, and why she/he is a star player.


Name: Brooklyn Hatfield


Age: 11 years old


Hometown: Peterborough, ON


Team: Peterborough Ice Kats


Position: Goalie


Star Qualities: Brooklyn is a star player because she demonstrates great sportsmanship. She had played goalie for 3 years now and is an all round athlete. She loves being a goalie and she has a great attitude- even when those picks get past her. She is a true team player and dedicated to every game.


Name: Tommy Markun


Age: 6 years old


Hometown: Lemont, IL


Team: Ducks


Position: Winger


Star Qualities: Tommy showed an interest in hockey as soon as he could crawl, picking up a little stick and hitting the ball towards a net. Shortly after learning to walk Tommy began rollerblading around the house and by 3 he was already on the ice. Tommy tried out and was selected as the only 5 year old to play in Rocky Hockey's in house league. Now at the age 6, he starts every morning watching the NHL Network and continues to work on his craft as a member of the Ducks.


Name: Paige Gildon-Cormier


Age: 9 years old


Hometown: Peterborough, ON


Team: Ice Kats Novice/Atom Hornets


Position: Goalie


Star Qualities: Paige is in her first year as goalie. She gives it her all every time she's on the ice - she is small but mighty! Paige has not only found a position she can play but has found a team that supports and encourages each other. Hockey has made such a huge, positive impact on her. Meeting Manon has inspired her to work harder and become the second female to play in the NHL!


Name: DJ Ott


Age: 10 years old


Hometown: Sand Creek, MI


Team: Sylvania North Stars


Position: Defense 


Star Qualities: DJ is an all around athlete but what makes him a star player is his work ethic, his leadership and his sportsmanship. DJ is constantly putting in extra hours on the ice and off trying to be his best. He takes the time to learn the game by studying all levels of play consistently. DJ leads by example. His teammates look up to him. Win or lose, DJ demonstrates sportsmanship in every aspect of his life.



Name: Riley Hunter


Age: 8 years old


Hometown: Andover, MA


Team: Mite Travel Bruins


Position: Forward, Defense, Goalie


Star Qualities:  Riley is a star player because she loves the game and is a true team player on and off the ice. She is the first one to pass the puck to a teammate so they can score a goal. Also, she is always first to tell a teammate they did a good job or to thank her coaches for all they do. Her second favorite hockey player is Tuukka Rask of the Boston Bruins, but her favorite player is her big brother Danny!


Name: Molly "Butter" Pedone


Age: 13 years old


Hometown: Tampa Bay, FL


Team: Jr. Lightning & Lady Vipers


Position: Forward


Star Qualities:  Molly is a star player because of her passion and commitment for the game. Her dream is to  win an Olympic Gold Medal & be the first female to score in an NHL game in order to show girls (whether they play hockey or not) that if they can dream it, they can achieve it. Molly won the Amanda Kessel Award in 2015 at Shattuck Girls Camp for Most Skilled Player in her group.


Name: Erin Plocinski


Age: 11 years old


Hometown: South Bend, IN


Team: Huskies, Irish Rovers


Position: Center & Wing


Star Qualities:  Erin is a star player because she strives to be her very best both on and off the ice. Not only is she a straight A student, she truly knows what it means to be a team player. Having spent most of her travel hockey years as an only girl player on an all boys team, she knows what it means to push to be your very best and show the boys that girls can play hockey too. Her favorite motto is "I never lose. I either win or I learn." She dreams of one day playing hockey on the women's team at the University of Wisconsin.


Name: Nathan Murray


Age: 10 years old


Hometown: Fowlerville, MI


Team: HoneyBaked Squirt AAA


Position: Forward & Defense


Star Qualities:  Nathan is a star player because of his dedication to the highest level of academics and an unrelenting work ethic. He has a perpetual passion for the game of hockey and an unsurpassed admiration for his teammates, coaches, and team play.  He's made fantastic athletic progress and has had success in his hockey skills, hockey sense, and leadership skills this year.


Name: Courtney Hall


Age: 13 years old


Hometown: South Lyon, MI


Team: U14 HoneyBaked, West Coast Selects


Position: Forward


Star Qualities:  Courntey is a star player because of her love of the game, hockey sense, skating ability, puck handling skills, strength, and her leadership. She plays for Coach Manon Rhéaume on the West Coast Selects and is looking forward to playing in Italy this spring. She is also learning from Coach Rhéaume how to be a student coach on her younger sister's HoneyBaked team. 


Name: Joy Dunne


Age: 9 years old


Hometown: Ofallon, MO


Team: U12 AAA Blues, 2004 Chesterfield Central State


Position: Goalie, forward, defense


Star Qualities: Joy is a star player because of her athletic ability, competitive nature, her tenacity on and off the ice, her understanding of the game, her size, and her skill level. She is following in the footsteps of her 5 older siblings who all play hockey, as well. 

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