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BTP MOVIE in the Press 

The Morning Show 
National TV Segment in Canada with Manon Rhéaume & Angie Bullaro 
Manon and Angie talk about "Breaking the Ice" children's book and Between the Pipes movie with Carolyn Mackenzie and Jeff McArthur.



The Harry Connick Jr. Show 
National TV Segment with Manon Rhéaume 
Manon Rheaume visits Harry Connick Jr. on his national TV show to talk about BTP movie, her career, and face-off with him one-on-one in a hockey shoot-out.



NHL Network - Live in Studio
Live National Segment with Manon Rhéaume 

Long time goalie Manon Rheaume joins the guys to look back on her iconic moment in hockey history and discuss her upcoming documentary premiere



RDS Network - Hors-Jeu 2.0
Quebec National Segment with Manon Rhéaume 

Manon Rhéaume journeys back to her hometown in Quebec to appear on this (French) special segment of the sports show Hors-Jeu 2.0 on RDS network. 



The Hockey News on Sports Ilustrated - Steven Ellis
Manon Rheaume on Lightning's Cup, NHL HIstory, & New Book

Former NHLer Manon Rheaume and author/actor Angie Bullaro chat about their new book, Breaking the Ice, out Oct. 20..



NHL.COM - Dave Stubbs
Goalie discusses breaking hockey's gender barrier, journey to NHL

Her life story was published in October for young readers in "Breaking The Ice," written by Angie Bullaro and illustrated by C.F. Payne. A feature film, "Between The Pipes," is in the works, with Bullaro set to play the role of Rheaume.



The Detroit News - Mark Falkner
NHL pioneer goalie Manon Rhéaume inspires female hockey players in Metro Detroit

Off the ice, Rhéaume's influence on youth hockey will be on full display next month when a children's book, "Breaking the Ice," is released on Oct. 20 and a movie, "Between the Pipes,"  is scheduled for production in the summer of 2021



Sports Illustrated - Jeremy Fuchs
Manon Rheaume, NHL's first female goalie, continues to inspire

She loves the position. Loved being at the center of it all, the game resting on her shoulders. But she hates that her son is a goalie. Even worse? He’s really good. Just like his mom.



Sports Illustrated - Maggie Gray
Sports Illustrated Now Live Segment with Maggie Gray 

Hockey goalie Manon Rheaume and SportsCenter anchor Linda Cohn discuss the movie "Between the Pipes," which breaks down Rheaume's journey to the NHL.

WATCH HERE - David Satriano
Women's sports pioneer turned hockey mom has support of ESPN's Cohn

NEW YORK -- Sept. 23, 1992 was a day Manon Rheaume will never forget.That's when Rheaume, a goalie, became the first woman to play for a professional hockey team. During a preseason game, Rheaume played one period for the Tampa Bay Lightning against the Boston Bruins...Her story inspired many, including writer/actress/producer Angie Bullaro, who approached Rheaume about making a movie on her life. The movie, called "Between the Pipes," will star Bullaro as Rheaume.. 



Bolts by the Bay - Tasha St. Pierre
Former Tampa Bay Lightning goaltender Manon Rheaume has become the subject of a new feature-length motion picture named Between The Pipes.

One of the most notable moments in Tampa Bay Lightning history dates all the way back to the Lightning’s very inception. In 1992, the Tampa Bay Lightning signed a young goaltender by the name of Manon Rheaume. It wasn’t that the Lightning’s newest member was merely 20 years of age, but that the Lightning’s newest member was a woman. 



Sports Illustrated - Dan Marrazza
As puck drops on opening day, NWHL focused on sport's long-term growth

As much as the NWHL is geared toward growing women’s hockey for future generations, it began with a nod to its past.The only woman to ever appear in an NHL game, Manon Rheaume, was in attendance promoting Between the Pipes, an upcoming movie about her experiences playing in a preseason game for the Tampa Bay Lightning in 1992. 

READ ARTICLE - Press Release
Manon Rhéaume to Drop Puck on NWHL Opening Day
BUFFALO, NY –  The inaugural National Women's Hockey League (NWHL) season begins Sunday, October 11 as the Buffalo Beauts face off against the Boston Pride at HarborCenter in Buffalo. Manon Rhéaume, “The First Woman of Hockey™" and first woman to play in the NHL, will perform the ceremonial puck drop at 3:30PM.
Huffington Post - Juliet SPies-Gains
23 Years Ago, A Woman Made History By Playing In An NHL Game


When then 20-year-old Manon Rhéaume stepped onto the ice 23 years ago this Wednesday, she felt the anxiety that she had experienced all afternoon lift from her shoulders. She felt her heartbeat slow until her nerves were quashed, skating her way into the goal and taking her place as the last line of defense for the Tampa Bay Lightning....


WXYZ Detroit - Justin Rose
First woman to play in hockey call Michigan home, recalls breaking down barrier in sport


Manon Rheaume now resides in Metro Detroit and still laces ‘em up from time to time to show she can still take down men who challenge her skills on the ice.

But beating up on some poor sports reporter is easily at the bottom of her list of accomplishments, she's a hockey legend, and will be remembered as such...

READ ARTICLE - Scott Burnside, NHL
Manon Rhéaume drops in on the Lightning after a long time away


She became the first woman signed to a professional hockey contract, and she became the first woman to appear in an NHL preseason game. And perhaps more importantly -- and this was something that did not fully dawn on her until years later -- she became a role model, a living illustration of the power of dreams.  READ ARTICLE

SportsNet - Luke Fox
Q&A: Manon Rhéaume on Tampa return, new film, Letterman


TAMPA, Fla. – Twenty-two years. 

Not since her second and final NHL pre-season game in 1993 has Lightning alumnus Manon Rheaume returned to Tampa. She broke the league’s gender barrier and inspired a generation of female hockey players.


When the puck drops Saturday for Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final, Rheaume will be in Amalie Arena, a guest of the Lightning. READ ARTICLE

The Hockey News - Ken Campbell 
Manon Rhéaume's life story Set to hit the big screen


TAMPA – Just the other day, Manon Rheaume went to get the oil changed on her car at a garage near her home in suburban Detroit. While she sat in the waiting room, one of the grease monkeys came out from the back with the work order in his hand. “He was looking at the name and he looked at me and said, ‘Are you the hockey player?’ ” Rheaume said. “He was like, ‘I used to have a poster of you on my wall.’ And I was thinking, ‘This is weird, you know?’” READ ARTICLE

Yahoo! Sports - Sean Leahy, Puck Daddy
Manon Rhéaume on film about her NHLmilestone, future of women's hockey
TAMPA — It’s been 23 years since Manon Rheaume made NHL history by suiting up for one period in goal for the Tampa Bay Lightning during an exhibition game. People still remind her of the impact she made in that brief NHL career. 


“When I did this experience, I didn’t realize how much I was impacting people, and it’s now later in life and every time people meet me [they ask] ‘You’re the goalie?’ because that name is so familiar to them,” she said.  READ ARTICLE

CBC Radio - Susan Campbell  (Quebec City)
Jacquie Czernin with Manon Rhéaume & Angie Bullaro -
00:00 / 00:00
SlapShot Radio - Paul McCann & Pete Weber (Nashville)
Paul McCann with Terry Crisp & Manon Rhéaume -
00:00 / 00:00
"Power Play" NHL Network Sirius- Scott Laughlin
Scott Laughlin with Phil Esposito, Manon Rhéaume, & Angie Bullaro -
00:00 / 00:00
Leafs Lunch - Brian Hayes, Jamie Mclennan, & Jeff O'Neil (Toronto)
Brian Hayes with Manon Rhéaume -
00:00 / 00:00
TSN 690 - Tony Marinaro (Montreal)
Tony Marinaro with Manon Rhéaume & Angie Bullaro - Unknown Artist
00:00 / 00:00
talkSports Radio Extra  90.5 FM - David Foot (Peterborough)
David with Manon Rhéaume & Angie Bullaro -
00:00 / 00:00
Chronique de Michel Langevin 98,5 FM - Michel Langevin (Montreal)   LISTEN HERE
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