“It's never been easy. But I always wanted to play hockey. I love hockey. I'd rather play hockey than anything else. If you have that kind of desire, I think you can achieve what you want to achieve.”

– Manon Rhéaume

“Between the Pipes” is a scripted feature film based on the incredible true story of Manon Rhéaume, the first female hockey player in the National Hockey League (NHL). 


Manon was five years old when she laced up her skates for her first game as goalie on an all-boys team. From that moment on all she wanted was to play hockey. She broke records, changed rules, and turned heads everywhere she went.  


Then, she earns the opportunity of a lifetime - to attend the training camp for the newly formed Tampa Bay Lightning. But she quickly realizes there's more at stake than just a spot on the team. All eyes are on her- judging her, waiting for her to fail. She must rise above of it and prove she belongs on the ice before the last chance at her dream slips away forever.


Manon’s optimism and unwavering desire to do the impossible will leave you in awe as you cheer for this unlikely hero. Heartwarming, funny, and inspiring “Between the Pipes” is the ultimate hat-trick. 


Check back often for more details about the film and when it will be released!

Read "Alone in Front of the Net" by Manon Rhéaume.

Click HERE to buy the book.

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