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Between the Pipes” is a scripted feature length film based on the incredible true story
of Manon Rhéaume – the first and only woman to play in the National Hockey
League (NHL). Set in 1992, Manon does the unthinkable when she accepts an
invitation to attend the professional training camp for the newly formed NHL team
the Tampa Bay Lightning. Having played goalie since she was five years old, Manon
is determined to see just how far she can go, especially in the big leagues. But she
quickly realizes there’s more at stake than just a spot on the team. Manon must rise
above it all and prove she belongs on the ice before the last chance at her dream
slips away forever.


Heartwarming, funny, and inspiring “Between the Pipes” is the ultimate hat-trick. 

Check back often for updates on when the film will be released!


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